Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact us to find out how you can volunteer to further the mission of the Fire & Burn Foundation. In addition to camp program, helping at events and community health & safety fairs opportunities are available. To be considered, all volunteers must complete a volunteer application and interview. Please contact the office for more information.


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Agency Activities

The Fire & Burn Foundation is seeking to expand agency capacity to serve the people and communities of the Inland Empire. Programs and services of the Foundation are provided free of charge to those we serve. To ensure that our programs and services are available to the community, the Foundation Board of Directors are engaged in fundraising activities throughout the year. The agency endeavors to be a “charity of choice” for donors. Because the agency operates as a true public benefit agency, there is never a charge for the programs and services we provide.

Financial resources are used to provide programs, burn survivor support activities, benevolent services and special projects. Currently, the Foundation is focused on three distinct but mission-related areas:

  • To provide fire and burn prevention programs and materials independently and in conjunction with other medical, fire service, civic groups and citizens of the communities we serve.

  • To provide compassionate support to burn survivors and their families.

  • To support burn injury research and treatment at the Edward G. Hirschman Burn Center at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, California.

The Foundation provides language and age-appropriate prevention literature to schools, community-based organizations, fire departments, medical facilities, and to individual citizens at community health fairs, Fire Prevention Week activities and fire department open houses.

The agency is the proud host of Embers of Hope camp, a specialized camp for children and youth recovering from the often lingering effects of a burn injury, both physical and emotional. Camp is operated in the winter snow areas of the San Bernardino Mountains (the four-day winter camp), weather allowing, and the warm and sunny mountains of San Bernardino County (summer camp, when necessary). This specialized camp is staffed by a small army of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time. Some of the camp counselors and volunteers are burn survivors themselves. Others are off-duty firefighters, medical professionals, and other community members. There are many volunteer opportunities for the camps and other agency needs throughout the year.

Agency resources are also used to provide emergency financial and other support to burn patients and family members. This assistance might be used to aid a wife coping with her husband’s serious burn injury or help a mother deal with her burn-injured child as he or she goes through painful rehabilitation. Something as simple as coming home from the burn unit can become a formidable task for a burn patient. The Foundation also assists the medical and social work staff of the Burn Center in acquiring assistance to help low-income patients improve their lives. This program provides medical items such as purchasing pressure garments to reduce scarring.

Structure & Governance - Board of Directors

The Fire & Burn Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 California nonprofit health agency. The agency is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, all elected by the process stated in agency by-laws. The Board of Directors is reflective of the diversity of the people of the communities we serve. Members of the board include medical and fire service professionals, business and civic leaders, burn survivors and family members of burn survivors and other community leaders.

Executive Board

  • President - Paul Lindley, Battalion Chief-Arrowbear Lake Fire
  • Executive Director - Joanne Soto-Business Owner, Youth Burn Survivor
  • Vice President - David Waltemeyer, Fire Chief-Corona Fire (RET)
  • Secretary - Michael Smith, Fire Chief-San Manuel Fire
  • Treasurer - Peter Brierty, Asst. Chief/Fire Marshal-San Bernardino County Fire (RET)

Board Members

  • Adrian Hyatt-Ward, Hyatt-Ward Advertising
  • Dan Lundmark, LUNDMARK newmedia
  • Jason Roehl, Riverside City Fire Department
  • Autumn Mitchell, Paramedic-Reach Air Medical
  • David Glick, ARMC Foundation
  • David Wong, MD - ARMC Burn Unit

Advisory Board

  • Adrian Martinez, RN, ARMC Burn Unit Manager
  • Terry Koeper, Crafton Hills Fire Technology Director (RET)

Mission Statement

The Fire & Burn Foundation is a non-profit health agency dedicated to reducing burn injuries and deaths through fire and burn prevention education, burn survivor support programs and the funding of burn care research and treatment.

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About Us

The Fire & Burn Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 California nonprofit health agency. The agency is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, all elected by the process stated in agency by-laws.

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