Please contact us to find out how you can volunteer to further the mission of the Fire & Burn Foundation. In addition to camp program, helping at events and community health & safety fairs, we have the following committees available. To be considered, all volunteers must complete a volunteer application and interview. 

Programs and Services Committee
The Programs & Services Committee is charged with overseeing the organization’s programs and services. While staff will carry out the day to day activities which result in the development and implementation of the organization’s programs and services, the Committee is charged with long range planning and general oversight.  The Committee is also responsible for reviewing processes for program funding, best practices, outcome performance.

The responsibilities of the Committee include the following:

  •  Work to create, sustain, and ensure quality, cost-effective programs and services.
  • Assessment of current and proposed programs and services to ensure they are consistent with the Fire & Burn Foundation’s mission and purpose.
  • Proposals for new programs and services will be brought to the Committee to be analyzed for their suitability and appropriateness in relation to the Fire & Burn Foundation mission.

Minimum Time Required:

  • Quarterly meetings - conference calling available
  • Review minutes from all Camp Sub-Committee meetings
  • Review minutes from all Hope & Courage Sub-Committee meetings


Camp Sub-Committee (currently filled)



Hope & Courage Awards Sub-Committee

The Hope & Courage Awards Sub-Committee is charged with overseeing the planning and development of the annual recognition ceremony.

The responsibilities of the Committee include the following: 

  • Review qualifications for each award type, make adjustments as needed and propose new awards as needed. Adjustments to awards and proposed new awards will be first submitted to the Programs and Services Committee for approval before going to the full board for adoption.
  • Review and approve all awards nominations.
  • Work in conjunction with the Events Committee. 

Minimum Time Required: 

  • 2-3 meetings per year - conference calling available
  • Nomination review time based on number of submissions



Development and Communications Committee

The main duty of the Development/Communications Committee is assist the Board in carrying out its due diligence related to assuring fiscal health through philanthropy and fund development.

The responsibilities of the Committee include the following:

  • Review philanthropic development activities and recommend appropriate actions to be taken by the Board.
  • Help nurture a culture of philanthropy throughout the organization, and assures that all donors are respected and honored.
  • Ensure that the Board and individual Board members are adequately educated about the basic principles and best practices in fund development.
  • Review the goal for charitable contributions in the annual budget; devise the annual fund development plan; and, recommend results and benchmarks for action by the Board.
  • Help the Board articulate the case for philanthropic support directed at specific audiences.
  • Review the communication strategy that effectively engages and inform stakeholders of the priorities, goals, achievements, and activities of the Fire & Burn Foundation

Minimum Time Required: 

  • Quarterly meetings - conference calling available
  • Review minutes from Events sub-committee meetings 

Events Sub-Committee
The Events Sub-Committee is charged with overseeing the planning and development of all events benefiting the Fire & Burn Foundation.

The responsibilities of the Committee include the following: 

  • Carry out the planning and coordination of fundraising opportunities suggested by the Development and Communications Committee in their annual plan and as they arise.
  • Recruit and retain an event volunteer base.
  • Participate as needed on the planning committees of outside agencies hosting fundraisers for the Fire & Burn Foundation.
  • Assist with the marketing and community outreach of all events.
  • Aid in the identification of potential sponsors. 

Minimum Time Required: 

  • Monthly meetings - conference calling available
  • Event attendance 

Board Governance, Recruitment & Bylaws Committee
- Board Members Only

Finance Committee - Board Members Only

Personnel Committee - Board Members Only


Click here to access the online application. 

Or download your application and mail or email it to the Foundation office:

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